This was included in my Damned Bureaucracy! RPG adventure.

The villain of the adventure is a demon that has taken over the computers at work. He lives inside the system and needs energy in order to survive and eventually break out into the physical world.

Not only that — he has taken over Slack so that he can recruit followers and use them as batteries. I decided that radio waves was his tool to extract energy, and therefore loved everything that used that technology. (This fit well to our setting since we work at a broadcasting company). …

This was included in my Damned Bureaucracy! RPG adventure.

Instead of damage, I let the players accumulate “glitches”.
That way, no character can die — but they will get an ability that might make gameplay more creative. If the player get a severe fail (two or more bad results), the player roll a d6 too see which glitch they will get:


1: One of your body parts starts to illuminate! Hiding becomes more difficult.(1:Left hand, 2:Right hand, 3:head, 4:Left foot, 5:Right foot, 6: the player decide)

2: You shrink half your size!

3: You are sensitive to sound! You can…

The theme is simple: a day at work that goes horribly wrong.

One day, a friend said to me: “Elisabet, who knows what you will come up with. I mean you might even get us sucked into Microsoft teams with no way to escape. Wouldn’t that be awful!”

In that moment, I knew that I had to make that the premise of the Halloween-RPG that I was planning. I thought it could be fun to share some of the tools and concepts that was included to the adventure, I hope you find it inspiring to your game.

The invite I made for the rpg session

Tools I used

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack…

Elisabet Johansson

UX designer from 🇸🇪 — currently working in public service, at the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Service (UR).

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